Project Description

• The blocker tubes are used to achieve lung separation and one lung ventilation as an alternative to Double- lumen tubes (DLT) and serve as a choice for pediatric patients as well.
• It has PU ultra-thin cuff. Made from PU in medical grade, comfortable and soft. It creates a superior seal and reduces microaspiration.
• When deflated, it is very close to the blocker tube, so it can pass ETT easily.
• The Bronchoscope port is made from soft and elastic material for safe insertion of a bronchoscope.
• The twist lock design makes the operation easy and secures the locking.
• It is available in standard and set including two endotracheal tubes and Stylets, syringe, suction catheter and lubricant.
• Available in sizes 5Fr, 7Fr, 9Fr in standard type or kit.



REF  No SIZE Tube length (mm) Cuff length (mm) Resting cuff diameter (mm) Recommended cuff volume (ml) GMDN ΕΚΕΒΥΛ
96100052 5Fr 640 10 8 3-5 313328 871065
96100072 7Fr 695 16 12 5-7 31328 871066
96100092 9Fr 695 18 15 7-9 31328 871067